Garmin Solar Powered Smart Wearables

Garmin Solar’s leading-edge technology raises the battery life of our smartwatches to unprecedented levels. In watch mode, solar charging continues to top-up the battery, so you don’t have to worry about recharging.

You believe in the rewards that only challenge and adventure can bring. You believe in the wisdom that comes from truly testing yourself. Challenge brings new ideas, it recharges our aspiration. Garmin’s leading-edge solar-powered smart wearables embody this thirst for outdoor adventure. We’re like you: powered by belief.

Born from
the spirit of
the outdoors

In the outdoors, you are unstoppable. So is our solar technology. Even when the watch face is obscured, as long as the sun is out, it will keep charging. Our devices can take you from mountain top to ocean deep, drawing on an inexhaustible energy source all the way.

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Power for
the whole trip

The Power Manager feature allows you to tailor energy use to your individual needs and customize sensor use to extend battery life. This means you can enjoy the outdoors without worrying about battery life. It can handle outdoor expeditions up to two months long without the need for an additional power source.

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Recharge your batteries,
revive the planet

Recharge your batteries, revive the planet In outdoor exploration mode, Garmin’s solar smart watches produce 59 per cent less carbon emissions than other watches (this figure is derived from usage data over a full year). Together with Garmin, you can enjoy each and every moment of nature’s bounty while still protecting the earth.

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The ultimate high-performance smartwatches

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Instinct 2

Solar Powered GPS Smartwatch

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Forerunner 955 Solar

Solar GPS Running Smartwatch

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* Assuming all-day wear with 3 hours per day outside in 50,000 lux conditions. (the above mentioned extended power results are dependent upon usage scenarios. Data are for reference only)
** The data spec is for reference only, the actual energy-saving results may vary according to the watch selected.