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Plans ruined by bad weather?
Use our smart trainer to go on a virtual cycling trip with your buddies!

Bring back indoor cycling, ride together at home

Using our smart trainers and Zwift, you can ride virtually with your friends as if you were gaming with them. Sync your power data to your Zwift and enjoy the same cycling pleasures in the comfort of your home. The smart trainer automatically adjusts your speed based on your height, weight, virtual surface and slop gradient, delivering a completely immersive indoor cycling experience

Indoor Smart Bike Trainer - Getting Started

Prepare an ANT+/Bluetooth-enabled smart trainer, a bike and a mobile phone, tablet or PC with Internet connection, and you're ready to begin your smart cycling training via Zwift or the Tacx Training App.

Download the Tacx Training App to kick start your smart cycling training experience

Experience realistic ride feel on world-class courses

Explore and feel the realistic sensation of riding on over 150 world-famous cycling courses. You can experience the steep slopes of a course, ride with others real-time or challenge others on the same course. With high-quality films and a smart trainer, you will enjoy the most responsive and immersive indoor cycling experience.

Ride your favourite routes, even on rainy days

The Tacx Training App supports GPX uploads, allowing you to upload any GPX files to customize your training route based on the GPS tracks and slope data. Use that with a smart trainer and you're ready to experience the entire route indoors without having to worry about the wind and rain. Try a classic cycling course now even if it's hundreds of kilometers away.

Accurate road feel, feel a realistic sensation of riding over stones and gravel

Our smart trainers automatically simulate the resistance of climbing, creates the subtle vibration to your tyres that you would feel when riding over the actual surface. It accurately creates the road feel of different road surfaces right at your feet.

Choose the right Tacx Smart Bike Trainer for you

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Tacx FLUX S Smart Trainer

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Indoor Training Tips


FTP (Functional Threshold Power) represents the highest power level one can maintain for one hour. It is a basic indicator in power training and helps you avoid a power training plan that is beyond your load limit.

You only need to have your smart trainer and the Tacx Training App ready to measure your FTP by following the instructions. A higher FTP usually means a better performance. World-class cyclists generally have an FTP between 360 and 400W. Well-trained amateurs fall between 250 and 320W while average amateurs see their FTP between 100 and 200W.

Upload Every Training Session

Pair your smart trainer with Edge Forerunner or any device with the Training Status feature to record your every indoor ride. The paired device provides professional reports on your training effects and performance based on your training load and VO2 max.Riders receive notifications when they under or overtrain and also get rest time suggestions. Through big-data long-term tracking and analysis, riders will get an accurate picture of their training performance and fitness status.

Play up your power meter

You only need an ANT+/Bluetooth-enabled power meter to go with your bike frame and a basic bike trainer, and you're ready to send your power signal to the Tacx Training App or other cycling training apps to complete the hardware setup for indoor cycling training.